About Us

Since 1995, St Barth VIP has been guiding clients smoothly to rent cottages or high class villas that reflect the romantic and exotic traditions of Caribbean charm, but we have been also guiding them to purchase one of those properties.

“We are keeping close and offer personal attention, which allow us to share with you the special spirit that has caused us all to fall in love with this little island.”

We invite you to explore our web-site and, through its villas, the beautiful island of St Barth, the jewel of the French West Indies which has long been a favorite of sophisticated international travelers who come for its beauty and its ambiance of casual elegance.

Découvrir l’île de Saint Barth

Découvrir ou redécouvrir l’île de Saint Barth est un immense plaisir. Pour la première ou la deuxième fois, le sentiment de plaisir est toujours le même. La douceur de vivre, le climat tropical, les plages de sable fin et la gastronomie locale sauront toujours séduire les personnes qui viennent passer de bons moments au soleil.