A few tips

  • St Barth is a French Island and is subject to the French immigration. At your arrival, you will need a passport or identity card and visa depending of your country of origin.
  • The climate in St. Barths is tropical and dry. The temperature is nearly constant at 28°C in winter, 30° in summer. The sea is at 26°C in winter and 30°C in summer.
  • Light, cotton clothing is the best choice. For women, the pareo is the king, nevertheless, without forgetting the chic little dress.
  • With respect to metropolitan France, it is 6 hours earlier in St Barth in summer, 5 in winter. With the United States, St Barth is at the same time as New York in summer, one hour later in winter.
  • We are in France, so the official language is French. English is however, understood practically everywhere.
  • The legal currency is the Euro. US Dollars however, are accepted everywhere. The exchange rate is subject to fluctuation, so it’s a good idea to check it before you leave. Several banks and ATM’s are at your disposal on the island.
  • Voltage in St. Barts is 220 V – 60 Hz. Most of the hotels and villas are equipped with 220 – 110v transformers?Attention! equipment in 50 Hz from Europe may not operate correctly.
  • Catholic Churches Gustavia Church every other Saturday and every other Sunday. Lorient Church alternates with Gustavia.
  • Anglican Church: Service on Sunday.